Helena <3 (2sexy4myskirt) wrote in lollipop_cuties,
Helena <3

Name: Hilary
Age: almost 15
Interests: I go to a performing arts school, I study mainly vocals but some dancing too. I've gotten into funk dancing, it's a lot of fun! I'm not really too good at it though, I'm not in the advanced class yet. . I want to be a famous popstar someday, I recently became a vegitarian, I like going to protests for and trying to make a difference (mainly for animal rights and equalism in our country) I'm really friendly, I don't like it when I apply to communities and all they do is send really mean feedback and reject me. . But I really liked this community so I applied. It's really cute! In my spare time I like hanging out with my best friends, relaxing, going out dancing and stuff

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